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Posted: July 7, 2013 in Personal Projects
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==DATA LOG 000-00013462==

—Segmentum Pacificus
—–Obscuris Sector
——-Aphelion XVII System
>Orpheus Class Frigate: Beard of Russ

Status — immobilized
Nearest orbital station — 8.947*10^13 parsecs
Nearest base — 4.701*10^13 parsecs
Weapon systems online — 56.27%
Life support systems online — 73.03%
Teleporter array — critical
Warp field generator — destroyed
Hanger bays operational — 3
Transport capacity of shuttles — 40 hsb
Crew — disarray
Garrison — disarray
Cargo — prisoners of war
Probability of survival — 42.81%

Enemy Classification — Unknown, evidence of Dark Eldar tech
Threat Level — MAXIMUM

< Vessel will be lost without aid



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