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Jes Goodwin – Sketches of Pain | Thursday, May 12 | What’s New Today | Games Workshop.

If ever there was a man with a wild imagination, it’s Jes Goodwin. Warhammer 40K has long had the reputation of having some of the best looking models in war-gaming, and Jes is part of the reason for that.

This is a link to a White Dwarf archive post, where Jes goes through the design process of creating the Talos Pain Engine and Cronos Parasite Engine. He even shows his concept sketches which are… just… wow. I’ll post them here for those of you who just want to look at the pictures.

Talos concept 1Talos concept 2Talos concept 3Talos concept 4Talos concept 5Talos concept 6Cronos concept

Follow the link for bigger versions of these pics (so you can read the little notes), and pics of what the actual models look like. There’s even a nifty thing where you can rotate a picture of the model to see it 360°. Win!


For those of you who have read up to here, but are very confused as to what all this is and what “Warhammer” and “Warhammer 40K” are, I shall not leave you in the dark! In short, Warhammer is a tabletop war-game (you get little miniatures, build them, paint them, and play battles) which is popular worldwide, although it is centered in the UK (Nottingham actually). Warhammer has a fantasy setting, and 40k (the one I play) is the far future.

Why is it awesome? Warhammer is a hobby, but you don’t have to be skilled to get into it. It has the richest background of any epic-mega story I have ever seen (yes the lore is more expansive than Lord of the Rings); spawning a massive line of beautiful miniatures to collect, hundreds of books (, video games (Space Marine, Space Hulk, Warhammer Online), and even a movie: Space Marine the movie.

Why does this awesomeness not conflict with my love for Tolkien? Well, most of the people who create Warhammer (Games Workshop) are Tolkien fans, and Warhammer is enjoyable in it’s own right (it even has orks! (not to be confused with orcs, which are pure Tolkien)). Plus, there’s LORD OF THE RINGS and THE HOBBIT WARHAMMER!!! Whoot!!!

Yeah… well, sorry to rant, but Warhammer is awesome, and you should totally check it out. Yes, I apologize for all the parenthetical phrases, that just mirrors the way I think. Godspeed good friends!


Middle Earth dragons go hard

Sorry for the long break guys, I’ve been quite busy these last couple months. I am assuming of course that there are people out there who check this blog on a semi-regular basis.  Who am I kidding? As I warm back up to WordPress, I want to start posting more of my own writing. Thus far, I have hardly gotten my feet wet. To start off, I have a poem for you today! *people applaud wildly* Yes I know, amazing. This is a poem I wrote a few weeks ago, and it’s narrative. Maybe I’ll put it somewhere in Evernight, who knows? Well, I do.

Dragon Hunters

Let me tell you a tale,
o’er a good pint of ale,
of my friends: Spick and Baerú.
In days of old,
we made some good gold,
as Hunters without fail.

Fire rises on the mountain,
said my friend “Look, turn your head.
Like a blazing sun, the dragon comes,
to reap a toll of dead.

And I said to he
“You just come with me,
let us arm against this threat.
For by force of steel
and courage we’ll
make the dragon pay its debt”.

Water falls upon the downs,
iced with frost of winter’s chill.
Yet it melts away, ‘neath the dragon’s flame,
the beast’s intent: our blood to spill.

Armed and ready we,
sturdy warriors three,
lay in wait to trap that devil.
With our hearts set to kill,
there’s not a group with more skill
than Spick, Baerú, and me.

Wind whistles through the canyon,
bearing two great scaly wings.
And the evil gaze falls on us, a waste,
shielded by our magic rings.

His weapon denied,
our bolts pierced his hide,
and down like a rock he fell.
The tension was lifted
by we who were gifted,
and joyously I cried.

“With the hunting done,
now let’s have some fun,
I could do with food and soon.
A mighty feast we’ll make,
and the carcass bake;
I’ve grown fond of dragon steak!”

Mmmm… Dinner!