Frozen Pizza: How Instagram And Vine Are Fuelling The Frivolous

Posted: February 5, 2013 in Good Stuff From around the Web, Reblogs
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This just struck me as particularly poignant. So many people post ridiculous nothingness on the internet that it is really degrading the quality of social networks. Let’s make the internet a place where people can get inspired!

CE: The Magazine


That is a frozen piece of pizza, on the ground, covered in snow. I found it in the parking lot this morning as I was leaving school. I posted an Instagram of it.

At the outset of the new year, I set some social media goals for myself. Things like learning to better leverage Twitter as a networking tool, expanding my presence and my brand online, and trying to take more Instagram photos. I hoped to achieve that last one by taking at least one Instagram photo each day for the entire year. For the first few weeks, I did quite well. I started taking photos of everything, some days posting more than one. On occasion, more than five.

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  1. clecadences says:

    Thank you for sharing this, I agree with you whole heartedly.

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